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The Personal Chef Services is perfect for the health conscious individual or family with a busy, time pressed schedule. All dishes are prepared with organic ingredients (unless unavailable) and with local, in-season as much as possible. Enjoy the benefits of In-house or Drop-off services! I leave your kitchen spotlessly clean, your refrigerator full of delicious meals and you with more free time to enjoy your friends, family, and life!

Items are priced by half (2 servings) and full (4 servings) orders unless otherwise noted. There is an additional charge of $25/hr for In-House and Drop-Off services. These services costs about as much as most households spend on groceries and restaurant meals, but with all the added nutritious and delicious benefits! Enjoy the comforts of dining in your own home without a hassle. I want to help you meet your health and lifestyle goals!

All menu items serve 2 or 4, are made to order, and can be customized based on preferences and allergies.

Pick from any of the following: bananas, apples, grapes, kiwis, mango, pineapple, grapes, spinach, collard greens, kale (red, green, dino), or any other local, in-season fruit or green. For Superfoods add $1ea. Maca, green powder, spirulina, msm, gogi berries, vanilla powder, cacao powder, cacao nibs, flaxseeds, chia seeds.

Cinnamon Apple Hemp Cereal w/ Hemp, Nut, or Banana Milk - $10/15
Banana Ginger Pear Cereal w/ Hemp, Nut, or Banana Milk - $10/15
Sprouted Buckwheat Crunchies w/ Hemp, Nut, or Banana Milk $10/15
Buckwheat Pancakes (Banana, Banana-Cacao Nib, Blueberry, Performance) $12/18
Scrambles (Garden, Spanish, Greek, Asian) $10/15


Tomato Basil Bisque - $6/10
Creamy Portabello Bisque - $8/12
Tom Kha Gai - $8/12
Garden Minestrone Soup - $8/12
Super Green Power Soup - $10/15

SALADS: All salads $12/18
Chopped Avocado Kale Salad
Carrot Raisin Sunflower Seed
Erika's Awesome Green Salad (baby spinach, mesclun, chopped kale, sunflower sprouts, avacado, chopped basil, lemon, olive oil, himalayan salt)
Shaved Fennel W/ Oranges, Poppy Seeds, and Greens
Cabbage Kale Slaw
Confetti Salad in a Crisp Orange-Cucumber Dressing
Wilted Spinach Salad w/ Mustard Seed Dressing
Arugula w/ Beets and Walnuts w/Orange Miso Dressing
Persimmons and Spiced Pecans Spinach Salad w/Lemon Shallot Dressing
Wakame Hemp Salad

Mediterranean Dolmas $10/15
Hummus (original, sun-dried tomato, red pepper) - $6/12
Guacamole - $6/10
Flax Crackers - $8/12
Veggie Flax Crackers - $8/12
Banana Flax Crackers - $8/12
Onion Bread - $8/12
Sesame Sunflower Bread $8/12
Olive Tapenade- $6/8
Portabello Sage Walnut Stuffing - $8/12
Sweet Potato Pie - $8/12
Mock Salmon Pate - $8/12
Garden Pate - $8/12
Ginger Almond Pate-$8/12

Angel Hair w/ Marinara - $20/30
Angel Hair w/ Marinara and "Meatballs" - $30/40
Fettucine Alfredo - $20/30
Rustic Lasagna - $20/30
Stuffed Chilies w/ Mole -$20/30
Abundant Fajitas w/ Guacamole, Spicy Walnut "Meat" - $20/30
Nori Rolls w/ Ginger Almond Pate, Sunflower Sprouts, Avocado, Carrots, Cucumber - $20/30
Collard Wraps w/Marinated Portabello and Onions, Guacamole, Shredded Veggies - $20/30
Thai Spring Rolls w/ Dipping Sauce - $25/$35
Pad Thai Noodle in Almond Kaffir Sauce $25/35
Salmon Patties w/ Hollandaise Sauce - $20/30
Sunburgers on Sesame Sunflowes Bread w/ Sundried Tomato Ketchup - $25/35
Marinated Portabello Steak w/ Brazil-Broccoli Mash and Mushroom Gravy - $25/35

DESSERTS: All desserts serve 4
Apple Pie w/Almond Pecan Crust - $15
Chocolate Pudding Pie w/ Cinnamon Almond Pecan Crust - $15
Berry/Fruit Cobbler - Made with in-season berries or fruit - $12
Berry/Fruit Parfait - Multilayered w/in season berries or fruit, crunchy nut crust, and vanilla cashew cream
Coconut Cream Pie on Brownie Crust $20
Deep Forest Chocolate Cake w/ Fudge Frosting $20
Carrot Cake w/ Cashew Cream Frosting - $15
Cheesecake w/ Raspberry and/or Chocolate Sauce $20
Brownies $15
Hand Rolled Chocolate Truffles -$15
Sweet Potato Pie - $15
Lemon Coconut Bars - $12
Donut Holes - $12
Orange Spice Cake- $15

Energy Bars (10 2 oz bars):
chocolate blueberry, ginger pear, apple cinnamon, spicy chocolate, banana bread, mango coconut, citrus papaya $15
Energy Pudding (easily digestible, high nutrient foods, great pre-workout snack) $8/12
Recovery Pudding (ideal carb:protien ratio to help speed recovery immediately after exercise) $8/12
Recovery Drinks (Ginger Papaya, Lemon-Lime) $8/12
Gels (Lemon-Lime, Chocolate, Chocolate-Coconut) $8/12
Direct Fuel Bites (8 1/2oz bites) - excellent for short, intense workouts - $10
Performance Pancakes (easy to digest and best before a long workout) $12/18

To place an In-House, Drop-Off, or Catering Order or for any other inquiry, call or email me, Erika, 617-276-7952 or

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